SnowEx Plows & Spreaders


Snow Plows


Light Truck

6'8" and 7'2" plows fits SUVs and Compact Trucks

regular-duty-3 (1)


7'6" and 8'0" plows fits half-ton and Class 2 truck

heavy-duty-6 (1)

Heavy Duty

7'6", 8'0", 8'6" and 9'0" plows fit Class 2-5 trucks and 3-4 series tractors

SnowEx Mid Duty UTV

Mid Duty UTV Straight Blade

5'6" and 6' mid sized, crossover and sport UTVs

SnowEx Heavy Duty UTV Straight Blade

Heavy Duty UTV Straight Blade

6'0" fits full size UTVs and Series 1 tractors

Heavy Duty UTV V Plow

Heavy Duty UTV V-Plow

6'0" fits full size UTVs and tractors

RDV™ V-Plow

RDV™ V-Plow

7'6" fits half ton trucks

HDV™ V-Plow

HDV™ V-Plow

8'6" and 9'6" fits truck class 2-5 and Series 3-4 tractors



8'7" fits truck class 2-5, skidsteers and tractors

Power Plow™

Power Plow™

8'0" - 10'0" and 8'6" - 11'0" fits truck class 2-5 and Series 3-4 tractor

SnowEx Pusher Plow™ with Trace™

Power Pusher™ with Trace™ Edge Technology

8'0" and 10'0" fits skid-steers, tractor and wheel loaders




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Truck Bed

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